Our Purpose

Our purpose is to educate our fellow citizens about the American Revolution with an emphasis on American History, Civic Awareness, World Geography, Economics, Science, and Historic Preservation.

Nonprofit Organization

The American Revolution Consortium for Civic Education (ARCCE) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, chartered as a Virginia Corporation on June 18, 2017.

What We Do

The Consortium exists to plan, organize and conduct symposiums, seminars, workshops, courses, and classes throughout the United States about the American Revolution, featuring noted Historians, Authors, National and State Park Rangers, Archeologists, Curators, Historic Home Site Interpreters, and trained educators from our Education & Training Academies.

Why was ARCCE established?

ARCCE has been created to address a very serious problem in America: An abysmal lack of knowledge of U.S. History and Civics. National surveys and statistics continue to reflect that Americans know less and less about our American history and government (as well as world geography and economics), and lack considerable knowledge of the American Revolution in particular.

For the past ten years, national studies have reflected that throughout the U.S. knowledge of American history is declining in our schools. Students simply do not understand the basic fundamentals of how our nation was founded or on what concepts our country was established. This is particularly true of our American Revolution period (1763 and 1789). National studies underscore a serious knowledge deficit and educational dilemma.

In 2014, a National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) study (U.S. Department of Education) reported that 25% or more 8th Grade students scored 23% knowledge in Civics and 18% in U.S. History, while an American Bar Association 2005 study found that 50% of all Americans were unable to identify our three branches of government.

In 2016, the Center for Survey Research and Analysis, University of Connecticut study requested by the American Council of Trustees and Alumni (ACTA) and designed to measure students' knowledge of American history and government among elite colleges, showed that 65% of college seniors failed to pass high school level American history tests, and 50% could not identify the purpose of the Federalist Papers.

Finally, Historic site visitations declined by more than one-third from 1982 to 2012 in all age groups, and in 2012 alone, only 24% of Americans age 18 or older had visited a historic site the previous year.

The downward spiral of Americans knowing less and less about American history and civics is nothing new. In 1985, Education reformer Diane Ravitch said "The fundamental premise of our democratic form of government is that political power derives from the informed consent of the people. Informed consent requires a citizenry that is rational and knowledgeable."

How are young people to become our leaders of tomorrow, in government and business, if they are learning less history than ever before? Leaders cannot deal effectively with problems in the future unless they learn the lessons of the past. In order to intelligently govern our nation, future policymakers must have a basic understanding of our American heritage: How we were formed; how our government works; and why Geography and Economics are important.

Newspaper: "Ravitch, Diane. 'Decline and Fall of Teaching History', The New York Times, November 17, 1985"
Leadership & Management

Randolph G. Flood

Randolph G. Flood is Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of the American Revolution Consortium for Civic Education. A frequent guest lecturer, Randy is Host and Co-Founder of The Real American Revolution public television series, and Co-Founder and President of the Dr. Joseph Warren Historical Society. Currently, he is Vice President of the Williamsburg-Yorktown American Revolution Round Table.

While working as a Historical Interpreter at the American Revolution Museum in Yorktown, Virginia, he taught over thirty separate classes about leaders, battles, events, and issues pertaining to the Revolution. In 2017, he spearheaded the effort to organize twelve days of historic lectures and presentations featuring over 60 authors, historians, archeologists, National and State Park Rangers, and Historic site professionals during museum's Grand Opening from March 23rd through April 4th.

Graduating from Shepherd College, West Virginia in 1973, Mr. Flood began his professional career serving on the staff of the United States Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works during the "Environmental Decade of the 1970's" when most of our nation's environmental laws were enacted. Later, he joined the personal Legislative staff of U.S. Senator Harry F. Byrd, Jr. (I-VA) and eventually formed his own government relations firm - Randolph G. Flood & Associates - which represented numerous maritime and defense clients that included transportation pioneer Malcom McLean, the "Father of Containerization," among others.

While in Washington, D.C. Mr. Flood taught Federal Government courses on the legislative and budget processes as Adjunct Faculty at George Washington University, and was a frequent guest lecturer at numerous colleges and universities, and Business Council, Trade Association, and Labor conferences.

As a Historical Interpreter, he is Founder and current Commander of the Virginia Company of Rogers' Rangers, Jaeger's Battalion, living history group, and has participated as a member of the Artillery crew of the First Virginia Regiment of the Continental Line living history unit as well.

P. Jeffrey "Jeff" Lambert

Jeff Lambert is Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of the American Revolution Consortium for Civic Education. He is also the current President of the Williamsburg-Yorktown American Revolution Roundtable and immediate past Executive Director of General Society Sons of the Revolution.

A former CFO at Old Salem Historical Park in North Carolina, Mr. Lambert received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from Wittenberg University, Springfield, Ohio.

Specializing in the American Revolution, as a historian he co-chaired the planning and organization of widely acclaimed a Light Horse Harry Lee symposium "Wedded to my Sword" in Greensboro, NC, in 2013. He has organized American Revolution War Re-enactments since 1992, including events filmed by the History Channel and the Learning Channel. Most recently, he worked with Randy Flood of the American Revolution Museum in Yorktown to organize the museum's Grand Opening in March and April 2017, which showcased state chapters of the Sons of the Revolution, Daughters of the American Revolution, and Sons of the American Revolution, as well as Children of the American Revolution-all of whom were involved in multiple events that celebrated the new museum.

He is a member of the Society of the Cincinnati; the Past President of the North Carolina Society of the Sons of Revolution; and Past Chapter President and Past State Regional Vice President of North Carolina of the Sons of the American Revolution. Currently, he is a member of the Virginia Society.

As a Living History reenactor and historian, Jeff has been a member of the First Virginia Regiment of the Continental Line since 1980, participating in the Bicentennial of the American Revolution and 225th Celebrations of the Battle of Guilford Courthouse; VIP Yorktown and Guilford Courthouse 1997 - 2011. He is a Consultant to the Guilford Battleground Company; and serves on the Planning committee for annual re-enactments at Guilford National Military Park.


The founders have been discussing this idea for years; ever since they first became friends as historical reenactors with the First Virginia Regiment of the Continental Line in the early 90's. The idea became a reality after they organized twelve of the thirteen days of the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown's Grand Opening from March 23rd through April 4th, 2017. They invited historians, authors, archeologists, historic homes sites, park rangers from National and State sites, and hereditary societies to share the histories of their separate states during the Revolution period. After nearly three thousand visitors attended the educational classroom lectures during the twelve-day session, the Co-Founders began working with all of the speakers and other participants of the twelve days to create a Consortium to discuss, plan, organize and conduct seminars and lectures in their own individual states about the American Revolution.

How We Are Funded

As a nonprofit organization, ARCCE can receive tax-deductible contributions from American citizens; Corporations, Labor organizations, Fraternal and Hereditary groups, and institutions interested in the American Revolution. It can also accept donations from throughout the globe, such as Canada, Great Britain, France, Spain and the Netherlands whose leaders and governments were involved with our American Revolution.