Dr. Warren: Life Before The War

Early Life
Joseph Warren is the eldest of four sons (Joseph, Samuel, Ebenezer, John) borne to Joseph and Mary Stevens Warren on June 11th, 1741 in the town of Roxbury, in the Province of Massachusetts.
Educated at Roxbury Latin School, he graduates from Harvard College in 1759, and obtains his Master of Arts degree in 1762. His thesis is "Do all diseases arise from obstruction?", which he answers in the negative. Returning to Roxbury Latin School, he teaches for one year before beginning a medical profession.
Career in Medicine
He studies medicine under Dr. James Lloyd, a staunch Loyalist who becomes his mentor in learning not only medicine, but also in how to become a gentleman, how to entertain, and how to circulate with the rich and powerful. Warren begins his medical practice in 1763 at the age of 22, and his extensive patient list includes, in addition to John Adams and John Hancock, the most prominent British officials who would remain loyal to the British Crown: the Hutchinson, Oliver, Hallowell, and Flucker families.
In 1764, he marries Elizabeth Hooton on September 6th. She gives birth to four children (Elizabeth, Joseph, Jr., Mary and Richard. One child dies in infancy) during the next eight years. Elizabeth dies, however, in April 1773, leaving Joseph a widower.