ARCCE is working and partnering with Historical and Cultural Museums; National and State Parks; Historic Homes and Sites; and Preservation organizations, among others, to organize and conduct a multitude of educational seminars, lectures, workshops and briefings to reach American citizens.

Leaders of the American Revolution Series

This series consists of classroom mini-lectures of 30 minutes or less, which are open to the public. These already developed presentations are about leaders of the American Revolution, such as:

- Basic Orientation to the American Revolution, 1763-1789
- Prelude to War, 1761-1775
- Francis Marion, the "Swamp Fox"
- Nathanael Greene, Washington's Number Two
- Lord Cornwallis, Commander of the British Army in the South
- Daniel Morgan, Washington's Rifle Commander
- Banastre Tarleton, the British "Green Dragoon
- Henry Knox, Washington's head of Continental Artillery
- Marquis d' Lafayette, the French "Boy General"
- Baron Steuben, "DrillMaster of the Continental Army"
- Benedict Arnold, "Washington's Fighting General"
- Alexander Hamilton, "Financial Genius"
- Comte d'Rochambeau, Commander of the French Army at Yorktown
- Admiral Comte d'Grasse, Commander of the French Navy at Yorktown
- John Graves Simcoe, Commander of the British Loyalist Queen's Rangers
- Dr. Joseph Warren, "Founding Martyr of the American Revolution"
- Patrick Henry, "Voice of the Revolution"
- John Dickinson, "Penman of the Revolution"
- John Paul Jones, "Father of the American Navy"
- Women Leaders and Heroines of the Revolutionary War
- British High Command during the Revolutionary War

More classes are being developed and will be posted upon completion

Campaigns of the American Revolution Series

Similar in length to the Leaders' series, the Regional Outreach programs feature topics associated with the major battle campaigns of the war:

- Southern Campaigns (1775 - 1782)
- Mid-Atlantic Campaigns (1776 - 1778)
- Northern Campaigns (1776 - 1777)
- Western Campaigns (1774, 1778 - 1779)
- Naval Campaigns

Special Presentations on European Assistance

These presentations include:

- French Aid during the American Revolution
- French Aid and Yorktown: Logistics and Supply
- Spanish Involvement during the American Revolution
- European Military Experts of the Revolutionary War

Soldiers of the American Revolution Series

This series will complement our Leaders of the American Revolution series and include:

- African American Soldiers during the Revolutionary War
- Artillery during the Revolutionary War
- American Militia
- American Loyalists
- Privateers and Smuggling

Symposiums Offered

ARCCE has been very successful in offering a series of special symposiums which have focused on several of these aforementioned military campaigns of the Revolutionary War, including the Southern Campaigns (November 2016), the Virginia Campaign 1781 (February 2018), and the Mid-Atlantic Campaigns 1776 - 1778 (November 2018).

American Revolution Authors and Historians

ARCCE can arrange for authors and historians within our network to speak to organizations throughout America on a wide range of topics, particularly relating to their research projects and books. Please contact us regarding the topic in which you are interested.

Special Exhibits

ARCCE is working with other organizations to promote Special Exhibits such "14 Presidents Before Washington", "The Battle of Kings Mountain", and "A History of Rhode Island during the Revolutionary War" in order to showcase historic artifacts such as papers and weapons; historically accurate mannequins dressed in authentic attire; portraits and paintings: and living history portrayals. Future exhibit projects will include working to achieve the permanent placement of state exhibits in the two major American Revolution Museums in Philadelphia and Yorktown, respectively.

Briefings and Workshops

ARCCE supports battlefield & historic site preservation and is particularly supportive of the American Battlefield Trust and its efforts throughout the original thirteen states to save Revolutionary War battlefields, historic sites and homes from commercial development. ARCCE has partnered with multiple groups such as the South Carolina Battleground Preservation Trust, the Nathanael Greene Homestead, and Paoli Battlefield Preservation Fund to help protect these sacred treasures while educating the General Public about their importance. Historic homes partnerships include the John Dickinson Plantation (DE); and the Nathanael Greene Homestead (RI). ARCCE is also supportive of historian Patrick O'Donnell's project to identify the sacred ground burial location of the "Maryland 400" who were killed during the Battles of Long Island, NY, in 1776.

Living History Organizations

ARCCE has extensive contacts and professional relationships with multiple Living History & Historic Interpretation groups throughout the country and is well-positioned to arrange for many of these groups to participate in "bringing history alive" through their interpretations of Colonial Life.